Thursday, July 19, 2012

BIG’s Blog: Baby Boomer Leadership Must Lead the Change

Unlike previous generational cohorts in the United States, the Baby Boomer (Boomer) generational cohort, born after WW II has known nothing but advancing economic prosperity their entire lives. Much of that economic prosperity has been driven by technological advances that the Boomers adopted throughout their lives.

Today’s Boomers hold the leadership positions in nonprofit organizations including boards or councils, executive leadership of the organization, and fundraising leadership.

Boomers have always strived for “changing the world” in ways that would overturn past economic or social injustice. Boomers have pushed all their lives to “redo” and “modernize” so many aspects of their world. And up to now, they have done it without holding the senior levels of authority and power.

Today Boomers hold those levels of authority and power. Insofar as fundraising is concerned, Boomer leadership must lead the change in transforming their fundraising. It will be their biggest legacy and the capstone on a superlative career that they have given their blood, sweat and tears to.

It’s that important!


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