Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BIG’s Blog: Things Are Changing Out There

It will be four more years until I write another “leap year” blog.

Don’t you just love the titles of some of the seminars, workshops and webinars you get invited to?  Examples include: Fixing Your Message For Tough Times, Leading in Tough Times, Fundraising in a Tough Economy, etc. etc. No doubt they provide good information, but as my daughters would say, “they sound so much like a Debbie Downer.”

As long-tenured charities, most of your organizations have faced both good economic times and bad economic times. You know that the economy cycles. But you also “feel in your gut” that this last down-cycle is more than just another cyclical recession insofar as your donations are concerned. This time it’s different.

If that is the way you are thinking, you’re right!

Driven by several key trends (a major shift in the generations, technological changes in the way we communicate, societies changing sensibilities about giving, and rising competition among nonprofit organizations) the fundraising world has shifted on its axis. It’s not “business as usual” out there anymore. This time, the recent economic downturn is playing second fiddle to the larger issues mentioned above.

What to do?

The Gallup Organization’s faith-based practice will be addressing these fundamental shifts as well as addressing some of the new expertise fundraisers will need to be successful in the new fundraising environment in an upcoming webinar. But this webinar isn’t the run-of-the-mill “tough times” session. This webinar will address the “whys” behind the issues your fundraising group is dealing with today and outline a new vision that you can begin to move forward with.

I am excited to be one of the co-presenters.

If you’re interested in receiving an invitation, let me know. When we started this blog, I personally knew most of the subscribers. But today our blog is one of the fastest growing blogs for nonprofit fundraisers and I don’t know the vast majority of the subscribers anymore. So please, if you are interested in being included on the invitation list, let me know.


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