Thursday, March 1, 2012

BIG’s Blog: Social is Evolving

Do you have a personal Facebook page yet?

Have you set up Facebook for your organization? How about Twitter?

This is a Step #1, and Step #2 blog.

Step 1: If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, then click here, listen to the story, and then come back for Step #2.

Step # 2: Online social interactions are evolving and expanding. This is all good news for nonprofit fundraisers. At first social was all about how many friends or groups you are joining. And of course people that connect with each other on social sites like Facebook or Twitter share some common connections or interests. Now, new online tools like Pinterest are opening up and connecting people that don’t know each other but share common interests. Now people are sharing their interests, learning from each other and now people that don’t know each other are following and connecting over a common interest, forming new kinds of “interest communities.”

Do you see how this could help you find new supporters who may be passionate about your cause but don’t know you exist? Do you see how this evolving technology connects your current supporters to new supporters? Current supporters sharing their passion for your work and new people connecting to you.

This is also syncing up with the three major trends that are transforming all organizations, both commercial and nonprofit. They are: 1) Mobile, 2) Social (our subject today) and 3) the Cloud.

This huge shift is underway and for Information Technology (IT), these three trends, plus dealing with massive amounts of data (big data), will combine to create the biggest technology shift since the Internet. And the really good news for fundraisers: the entry costs are low compared to direct mail fundraising.

Successful fundraisers will utilize these technologies to transform their fundraising.

Is it transition from direct mail-centric methods today to online technologies tomorrow? No, it’s transformation. Leave your direct mail alone if it is still working, but create your new online group separately. It’s a different world.


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