Tuesday, February 7, 2012

BIG’s Blog: Madonna’s Secret

I have to admit I actually kind of liked Madonna’s Super Bowl half-time show. Very surreal lighting effects, a few costume changes, and of course a cast of thousands can make pretty much anybody look good. And it worked.

But was this the Madonna from the 1980’s?

Besides my daughter noticing that her face looked “really tight,” her real secret to her longevity is reinvention.

The sexy girl reinvented herself as the glamour girl who then reinvented herself as the hip-hop girl. I’m probably missing a few reinventions but you get the picture.

It happens all the time in the world of entertainment as well as politics.

How about fundraising?

People like what your organization stands for. They trust you. But that doesn’t mean that your graphics and look can’t be more modern. And it isn’t just the look. It is also the channels you use to communicate with your donors and prospective donors.

Madonna has been successful. But rather than start putting out the “best of” albums of her old hits, now she is doing hip-hop.

You don’t have to play hip-hop on your website or get BOTOX, just update your look and expand your communication channels.


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