Thursday, February 23, 2012

BIG’s Blog: The Fundraising Blogosphere

No doubt this is not the only fundraising-themed blog you read. And have you noticed, especially since the first of the year, more and more references to Internet-based fundraising?

Two blogs that I really like (mostly) are Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog and The Agitator. Both focus on fundraising and cover broad themes, but are mostly marketing-related. Both are very good (mostly). But you couldn’t help but notice that over the last 18 months, more and more of their blogs reference Internet-based marketing fundraising themes. In the Agitator’s case, they used to have many posts about improving direct mail fundraising.

The problem with this is that they “assume” your organization has shifted fundraising methodology and is now focusing on a digital strategy. They never told you this was a necessity if you were going to survive or how to do it; they just assumed you had already done it.

Fair assumption? I don’t think so.

I would love to blog about Internet-based marketing tactics and go deep on subjects like social media, SEO and SEM, Mobile apps and Web. But what good are these topics if your organization isn’t organized to take advantage of them?

So what is step number one? Take the time to develop a new plan. A plan that gives prominence to digital marketing. How do I define “prominence?”  Budget, Budget, Budget!

The message other bloggers are increasingly sending out by writing about Internet-based fundraising is that “it is important!”  

But you have to be organized to take advantage of it.


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