Monday, February 6, 2012

BIG’s Blog: Timidity

Monday’s blog was tough sledding for many of my readers . . . No One Can Serve Two Masters.

Change is upon us and you have to be open to things you might not have thought of.

At Browne Innovation Group, we try not to sugar-coat the fact that the world of fundraising is changing but we want you to be a winner!

The winners will adopt new fundraising business models and will continue to grow their revenue stream for their organizations. It isn’t easy, but it certainly is rewarding. Just ask our clients.

The losers won’t move and that will be that.

There are many people who understand the perilous crossroads that many organizations are facing with digital disruption. One of those is the blogger and author Seth Godin. His recent blog was dead on.

In search of a timid trapeze artist

Good luck with that, there aren't any.
If you hesitate when leaping from rope to another, you're not going to last very long.
And this is at the heart of what makes innovation work in organizations, why industries die, and how painful it is to try to maintain the status quo while also participating in a revolution.
Gather up as much speed as you can, find a path and let go. You can't get to the next rope if you're still holding on to this one.


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