Thursday, January 12, 2012

BIG’s Blog: When Does It Get Serious?

Fundraising results are trickling in and we are hearing it’s a mixed bag of results for last fall and Christmas season giving. Not surprisingly, our clients are mostly reporting gains. Of course, many of our clients have been some of the most successful fundraisers over the last ten years.

Our clients’ “transformation” initiatives for which they engaged us haven’t fully kicked in, or in some cases are still in the building phase. We tell all our clients to think of the initiative as a “Decade of Transformation.”

Do we wish they would move faster? Of course; but the pace of transformation needs to be driven by the organization.

There is one womens religious community that can’t move fast enough. They understand that their opening to the world is through the Internet. And they understand that transforming their fundraising approach to "Real-Time" and "Always-on" will not only expand donations, but will also affect every other part of their community from vocations to expanding missions.


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