Sunday, January 29, 2012

BIG’s Blog: The 99% and the 1%

I overheard only two words from the conversation of two young ladies behind the hotel desk: “Haiti” and “earthquake.” I immediately opened my smartphone and clicked on my Wall Street Journal app. Under the tab,“What’s News,” there it was under a banner of “Breaking News:” the first report of a report of an earthquake in Haiti.

We digest news and information differently now. Electronic media and word of mouth give us the broad brush strokes of what is happening. But, it is digital media that offers us the deep dive into the details.

We hear things all the time and 99% of it won’t be in our memory banks five minutes later because it doesn’t connect to our lives. But when we do hear something or see a headline about something we personally care about – like “Haiti” and “earthquake” to me; we are immediately going to the internet to seek out all the information we can find.

As direct-mail fundraisers you send out a lot of direct-mail appeals. That is information. If there is a story in your appeal or a particular issue you are addressing to your donors and friends, it had also better be on your website.

For the 1% of the information that matters to us, your website provides something we never had before. It connects seekers of more information to a deeper understanding of the story or issue that is relevant to them.


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