Sunday, January 1, 2012

BIG’s Blog: Playing Golf With My Brother

My brother likes to play golf with me...but there is a problem. My brother really likes to play golf but he doesn’t have any clubs, golf balls, or tees.

When we play golf, we have to share the same clubs and other golf paraphernalia.

The other big problem is neither of us hit straight down the fairway. I tend to hit to the right and my brother tends to hit to the left.

Can you imagine how hard it is to play all over the fairway with one bag of golf clubs?

Some nonprofit fundraising groups that want to transform themselves into internet-connected, new media-savvy fundraisers are having trouble breaking old habits.

Which brings me back to my point; if you are going to play golf, you have to have your own golf clubs. And if you are going to build a fundraising team that works in the technology-connected world, all the members of the team need to have their own technology tools.

Trying to share computers, tablets, or smartphones isn’t going to work. These are the basic “tools” of the work you are doing. Everyone working in fundraising needs their own computer, tablet, and smartphone.


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