Thursday, September 22, 2011

BIG's Blog: A heart attack waiting to happen!

We either know or have heard of someone who suffers a heart attack that did not fit the stereotypical characteristics. Some survive the experience, while others were not as lucky.

On the outside these individuals looked healthy and fit. One wonders, “How could this happen? Did they not see the signs?”

Could this scenario describe the health of your nonprofit’s operation? Who is responsible for the health of your business? Is it slowly deteriorating from avoidance or neglect? Do outside appearances suggest everything is okay, but the financial reports indicate otherwise? 

Just as doctors use laboratory tests to determine a medical problem, financial reports are the metrics for your organization’s health. How can steps be taken to ensure that financial and organizational goals are achieved not only this year, but in the future?

It is difficult to face the fact that your organization may not be healthy. The longer reality is avoided the greater the risk. Now is the time to take action and review both short- and long-term business strategies. Ensure that your nonprofit has a strategic business and fundraising plan.

Don’t let 911 be the number you dial to save your organization.


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