Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BIG' Blog: Good News, Bad News

Many factors influence the performance of an organization. For example, nonprofits today are challenged by the transformation of fundraising due to:

       reduction in the prospect universe
       changing technology
       government actions

The nonprofit has no control over these key factors, but they can affect the organization’s operation.

One area that can be controlled is its “health.” Leadership can define, execute and revitalize the mission and its operations. A healthy organization adapts and evolves as the environment around them changes.

In August 2007, McKinsey Quarterly published an article on “The link between profits and organizational performance”.  

Research shows that leaders who concentrate on improving organizational performance may also see an increase in their bottom line.

The good news is nonprofits can address these key areas to improve operations. In my next blog, I will concentrate on the health of the organization. 


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