Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BIG’s Blog: The Way to a Donor’s Heart (and Data) Is Trust

Natasha Smith, the Senior Editor of the online publication, Direct Marketing News, wrote a good article last week entitled: Trust: The Way to a Customer’s Heart (and Data). Obviously, you can see from my title that I totally ripped off her core idea … even though I am personalizing it to the fundraising world. Why did I jump all over her article? Because what pertains to customers of commercial enterprises pertains to nonprofits as well.

Her arguments about trust leading to brand loyalty for products we buy is spot on … if a bit obvious. But the real process that fundraisers need to pay attention to is connecting trust to sharing data.

People understand that there is a heck of a lot of data that organizations (commercial or nonprofit) can obtain for “marketing” purposes. And, just like the commercial world, if people trust the brand (commercially, Apple remains #1 in brand loyalty), they will allow their data to be shared. If they trust … they share.  This is only going to be more important moving into the online world.

And you think that just because you are a charity or even a faith-based ministry or mission that you don’t have to worry about gaining people’s trust?

Think again!

Open … Honest … Transparent … Accountable. These are the new bedrocks that make up Trust to younger generations (starting with the boomers) that are online.

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