Monday, May 5, 2014

BIG’s Blog: The Joke You Don’t Get

We have all had the experience of hearing a joke and not getting it. Why don't we get it? Almost always it has something to do with not knowing some new hot name in the culture (yeah, I don't know who all those people are in People magazine either). Being a baby boomer almost assures you that somewhere during the last 20+ years we found out what is really important . . . and paying attention to people who are only “famous for being famous” doesn't meet that criteria. So, little by little, we slowly relinquished the cultural happenings to the younger generations.

We developed our trusted circles in our work life as well as our personal lives. We became, if not totally comfortable, then at least content with our lives and, anyway, we were busy with our lives’ work.

We got to the point that we didn't need the new car every three years, the new hairstyle, or even the latest fashions. In fact, we developed our own look and stuck with it. And we found we enjoyed friends and family more.

But then we started to notice that our friends were talking more about their new gadgets than they did cultural mainstays like music, movies, or even their health. Suddenly, we needed to get a cell phone that did more than just make and receive calls.

"Really, I can get the Internet on my phone?"

And then one of your friends or family got an Apple iPhone, and then another …  and suddenly you noticed they were talking more about their phones than practically anything else.

So you had to get one. Of course, it didn't come with a manual, so you found either a friend or colleague to show you the basics of how your first smartphone worked and then … wonder of wonders …  how to use these new apps.

And then, either because of a friend or some member of your family, you got a Facebook page and maybe even Twitter or Pinterest.

You still don't know or care who those people are in People magazine, but by golly you get excited when you can introduce a friend to a new app or to show them a new feature from the last OS update.

And somewhere along the line you bought a tablet, probably an iPad. And you find you are reading books on your iPad as well as that BIG blog you signed up for. Maybe your morning routine has changed. It used to be the Today Show … now you check Facebook, email, the weather, and the news on your phone or tablet in the morning while drinking your first cup of coffee before going to work.

Then, maybe one morning on your drive into work, it begins to dawn on you that your reading habits as well as other habits in your life have really changed over the last few years. And these new ways are waaaay more convenient . . . and it’s all because of these new gadgets.

So, what has changed in your job in fundraising?

How have these new gadgets changed fundraising?

How many other people’s new electronic gadgets are changing their lives?

This is no joke.

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