Wednesday, May 28, 2014

BIG’s Blog: Always a Crisis

Seth Godin is one of the best thinkers in marketing communications who is actively writing about our changing marketing environment. He recently wrote a blog post entitled Tribal organizing (right and wrong, slow and fast).

In his blog he touches on fundraising to make a single point, but I think for fundraisers, what he is getting at is the point!

Where are fundraisers going off the rails today?

Today, most fundraising … ESPECIALLY DIRECT MAIL FUNDRAISING … is all about Crisis, Cash, and Cliffs.

Crisis: Every mail package is a mini-crisis or a full-blown crisis. “Emergency need for urgent action NOW!” There is always a reason why the benefactor must pull out their checkbook NOW!

Cash: Every crisis demands only one solution … CASH. “You can help solve this with cash … now.”
Cliffs: The organization lurches from cliff to cliff … or so it seems. There is no future, only the imperative issue of the NOW. Emotional energy is drained just reading the appeal as the organization’s mission is viewed as riding the edge.

BUT THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE. The answers are Connection, Commitment, and Conversation … communicated online.

Connection: Our mission is a journey and we want you along for the whole ride. This is about building a relationship.

Commitment: We are not just about today, but are committed to the long haul of our mission. We want you to join our commitment to the cause so that, together, we can do more over the long haul.

Conversation: Put your stories and updates out there. Keep the community and supporters “in the know” about what’s happening every … single … day.


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