Wednesday, November 27, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Oh Thankful

Who would have believed when I stumbled across the original insight in 2007, that we could have literally changed the very trajectory of fundraising for so many organizations? I mean seriously? After all, raising funds for the causes we care about is easy. Right? And, over time, because there are so many causes we are collectively passionate about, the "need to raise the funds” spawned an industry sector and attendant professional fundraising class to manage the process, yet following the fundraising methods . . . the processes . . . guaranteed success. Right?

So, then, what to make of the angst that began to build after the turn of the century in the 00s, as suddenly the "fundraising methods” . . . the processes . . . of fundraising began to fail in their ability to deliver year-over-year gains, and this even before the economy tumbled into the Great Recession. We used to think it was a cataclysmic event when a major player in an industry sector, or worse, the whole sector itself began to collapse in the span of a few years. But since the arrival of the Internet and the shockwaves of digital disruption, we have all grown more accustomed to the notion, having watched industry after industry wrestle with digital disruption. But for those in the middle of industry revenue stagnation and decline, the feeling of disorientation is keenly felt.

The product of disruption, however, is innovation . . . and innovation is that uniquely human endeavor that allows us to see the new way forward even as the old crumbles around us.

At Browne Innovation Group, we pause in thankful appreciation for God’s bountiful provision for the past season, and in humbleness give thanks for God’s provision for our future.

Join us.

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