Saturday, November 9, 2013

BIG's Blog: For Fundraisers . . . On Being Seen

Join us.

It’s Saturday . . . so you probably won’t finish reading this whole blog and WORSE, you won’t listen to the video I have embedded in it.

Although listening to it and finishing this blog will . . . for most of you . . . make your week, your month, and probably your year. And for a few of you (you know who you are), it WILL CHANGE the direction (trend line) of your fundraising.

Those of you who haven’t begun to shift your fundraising business model are screwed right now because you cannot do what I am doing with this video.  To be honest, there are some who can technically accomplish the steps, but you cannot duplicate the reaction and payoff that I am going to get from those of you who read and listen.

My two daughters, ages 26 and 25, are brown and black. My naturally born older sons are obviously white. My oldest daughter was born in the U.S. and is biracial. My youngest daughter was born in Ethiopia . . . so even as I write this, you are picturing in your mind (you can’t help it) a brown girl and a black girl. Being daughters means they are also women. So again, you are fleshing what that means for them.

So who has a better chance of being successful if I choose to leave my business to one of my children? One of my naturally born white sons or one of my adopted colored daughters?

Listen to Nilofer Merchant’s talk: On Being Seen.

After listening to her talk, see if you can connect your problem in fundraising with the point of her message.
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