Friday, August 16, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Mail Bag

From my recent request to send questions?

We really get mixed messages as fundraisers. I recently attended a workshop and one of the speakers said direct mail is alive and well. But then I read your blog and wonder. What’s the truth?

Name withheld - California

Dear California Fundraiser,

You are correct in saying my position is that direct mail appeals are not alive and well. If direct mail as a fundraising media/vehicle were generating revenue like it used to, why would anyone have to argue it is alive and well? In fact, if mail were alive and well, wouldn’t the U.S. Postal Service be in the black instead of in-hock to the U.S. Treasury for billions? But all that is fluff; here is the truth to guide you. If a mail program generates revenue for your organization, then keep mailing it. If other programs do not generate revenue for your organization, terminate them; the odds of them returning to profitability are slim.


In response to one of my blogs: Balloons at the Beach

Great allegory!

ML, New York

Excellent blog that communicates the new fundraising model message.
Per your story fundraising results:
Old way    - $1,000
New Way - $50,000
% Change – 4,900%

GH, Chief Financial Officer, New York


In response to one of my blogs: The Internet

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the blog. We enrolled our daughter in a new high school. They have taken out their library and replaced it with a technology center. The high school requires that all students have a smartphone and bring them to class.

LP, Pennsylvania

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