Friday, August 23, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Spare me!

The title of my blog today is the reaction that many readers have shared with me if they perceive that I am writing . . . yet again . . . about how they must shift their Development. “Spare me!”

Today is the end of the workweek; you are probably in the mood for my typical end-of-the-week short and pithy blog. But, unfortunately for you, this one is longer and has real meat and substance. A real “think” piece. In fact, I didn’t write it.

So if your head is already in the weekend . . . do this: Forward this email to yourself to be read at your leisure Saturday or Sunday.

Or, if you are up for it today, by all means, read it now!

The piece is a post by Seth Godin entitled An end of books. But it is NOT negative. Rather, it is one of the most thoughtful and real pieces I have read in awhile that ends with hopefulness and even the prediction of a new golden age in books.

But … I DO WANT you to read it as a metaphor for what fundraising is also going through. I, too, predict that as Development moves to the digital, online world, we are going to enter a new golden age of fundraising.

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