Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Scarred for Life

Years ago, I was giving a presentation when my laptop started to smoke. I closed it up and handed it to one of my colleagues who removed it from the room. I went right on presenting.

It was a big presentation that meant a lot to my company. I could have been scarred by that experience with technology and been scared of using technology in a presentation again. That, of course, would have limited my abilities to make really effective presentations.
Today, virtually all technology works. In fact, you either get the new thing or hand it off to someone else before today’s technology breaks. Remember when cars used to break down with unfortunate regularity? Yes, many of us … shall I say “more seasoned” citizens … remember when stuff broke, or, in the case of technology, crashed. Today it’s stable, it’s beautiful, and more and more we are all on the same Internet.
So what is keeping some nonprofits from moving their technology to the cloud? Certainly not the stability, the speed, or capacity.  After all, most of the largest companies you know are already renting computing power from even bigger online companies.
Did you have a bad experience like me … only it scared you and left a scar? Or, does the change from software on your computers to software in the cloud not make sense to you?
Either way, the sooner you start moving to the cloud, the sooner your nonprofit saves significant dollars.
Join us.
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