Thursday, October 20, 2011

BIG’s Blog: Who Represents the Nonprofits?

We already know that postmaster general Patrick Donahoe wants Congress to grant him authority to restructure the antiquated U.S. Postal Service by, among other things, cutting Saturday delivery, paring postal employees by at least 35,000, closing more post office and mail processing locations and slowing down payments to the postal employee’s retirement plan. 

Now, the New York Times reports in an article entitled Postal Union Turns to Wall Street for Advice on Its Future that the letter carrier’s union is now going to add to their job description the title Strategic Direction.

Last Sunday, the National Association of Letter Carriers announced it had hired Mr. Ron Bloom and Lazard, a Wall Street advisory and asset management firm, to develop a strategy to revitalize the deficit-laden postal service. Mr. Bloom was a senior advisor on President Obama’s automotive industry task force that helped reorganize General Motors and Chrysler.

What do you bet the union plan won’t call for cutting jobs?

What do you bet both the postal management plan and the union plan recommend raising postal rates and perhaps doing away with the nonprofit discount? Doing away with or drastically scaling back the nonprofit postal discount is already in the legislation from the committees in the Senate and the House that oversee the postal service.

Who represents the nonprofits?


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