Friday, October 14, 2011

BIG’s Blog: Stability or Change?

As you think about the changes that are affecting your fund raising business – some call it disruption – which are you: an “agent for change” or “an agent for stability?”

I don’t know where you come down, but, at Browne Innovation Group, we try to be a stability agent. Our whole goal is that our clients do not experience declines in fund raising revenue even as modes of fund raising change dramatically.

The truth is most institutions are designed not to change. And though “change agents” might have a place in the fast changing commercial environment where a company can decline and fail rapidly, “change agents” are rarely successful in changing institutions. And every nonprofit organization I have come to know is an institution.

What is it that institutions want? One word: Stability. Every nonprofit organization I have worked with wanted stability, even though they knew the world was changing.

Just as fund raising organizations cannot afford to ignore messengers with bad news, they also can’t ignore the help of people and organizations like the Browne Innovation Group and others who are working to align their fund raising strategy to changing environments.

Today . . . more than ever . . . fund raising organizations should be embracing stability agents.


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