Sunday, October 9, 2011

BIG’s Blog: Mobile Devices, Social Networks and Steve Jobs

Lately, as you my patient readers know, I have begun to write more and more about mobile and social media and its growing role in connecting people and ideas.

This morning I was reading a short piece from one of my favorite writers, Catharine P. Taylor. She is a New Yorker and has daily access to the quickly evolving world that a boy from Nebraska can only see in slow motion.

The following is her recent muse on Steve Jobs importance to Social media and of course mobile.


This morning, as I headed into the city for an Advertising Week event, I briefly indulged in one of my favorite absent-minded games: I looked at the people around me in the train car, and in the neighboring car in the tunnel into Grand Central, and took a quick inventory of how many people were looking at their devices.

Over the last few years, this has been a signpost to me of how much the world -- my world, our world -- has changed. The last time I commuted with any regularity --2001 -- there was the occasional cell phone on the train, but it wasn't much of a device. And the laptops people carried with them were utilitarian, those using them immersed in spreadsheets and Microsoft Word. Blah. The iPod was launched within days of my last day as a commuter.

But this morning, as it always is these days, the train was filled with people immersed in their devices -- and, of course, those devices were predominantly the work of Steve Jobs. Many others, like the Android phone I was holding, probably wouldn't have existed without him, either. There needed to be a first company, a first person, to re-envision the phone -- and, of course, that person was Steve Jobs. -Catherine P. Taylor

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