Friday, June 20, 2014

BIG’s Blog: You Don’t Give Gifts

If you’re a baby boomer like me, you don’t give gifts to charitable or nonprofit organizations/institutions.
I’m not getting personal or judgmental, and I’m not trying to say you personally don’t donate to any number of organizations … in fact, you probably do.

What I am saying is, “You don’t give gifts … as in no strings attached.”

And, by the way, neither do your brothers, sisters, or friends.

Giving gifts with no strings attached is how your parents gave (provided they are of the WWII or Depression era generations). Your parents trusted institutions … your organization is an institution. And because your parents trusted institutions, they gave with “no strings attached.”

If you’re a baby boomer or a member of an even younger generation, YOU DON’T GIVE GIFTS!

You may call it a gift, but you DO NOT give a gift as in “no strings attached.” There are ALWAYS STRINGS ATTACHED.

The major strings are things like Transparency and Accountability.

Boomers and younger generations don’t give gifts … even if they call them gifts. Boomers (us, you and me, and younger generations) invest in charitable and other nonprofit organizations.

The mindset and level of expectations of investing is very different than merely giving a “no strings attached” gift.

Drip, Drip, Drip.


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