Monday, December 16, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Why did this video go viral?

First of all, do you understand what the phrase “going viral” means when we use it in connection with a video? I’m sorry, I am certain most of my readers know this term, but some do not. And even those of you who understand the term as it applies to videos, still have yet to internalize the concept in what it could mean to your fundraising organization.

From Web Trends: What Does “Viral” Really Mean? By definition, viral comes from the word “virus,” which is a medical term used to describe a small infectious agent that can infect all types of organisms. In terms of the Internet, a piece of content can spread just like a virus if people become “infected” when they see it. The infection usually comes from emotions that spur the viewer to share it, so they can relate with other people and discuss how they feel.

Watch this short video.

Have you watched it?

Now sit back and ask yourself, “What if instead of WestJet, our organization would have done that?”

Look, I get it that this is not typically or even remotely part of your mission or ministry, but think about it . . . it isn’t WestJet’s mission either.

The Net has the POWER to connect you . . . introduce your organization . . . to millions of people (19 million in WestJet’s case) who have NEVER heard of your organization. Honestly, have you ever heard of WestJet before?

Oh, and by the way, WestJet is a low-cost Canadian air carrier. Why do I bring up that Canadian fact? Well, big news out of the great white north this last week. Last week Canada’s Postal Service announced that they will cease home delivery over the next five years, and substantially increase postal rates. Why? Because just like the United States Postal Service, they are dying. Don’t miss that point.

How far behind is the USPS?

But what were we talking about before I digressed into Canada’s Postal Service? Oh yes, that potentially you could reach 19 million people if you create a video that goes viral.

At this juncture now that you are really thinking, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that we have a few slots open for our online learning Course’s, “Acquiring the Next Generation of Supporters,” January term where you could learn how to do fundraising 100% online.

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