Wednesday, December 11, 2013

BIG’s Blog: We Need Heroes

Right now in the nonprofit fundraising world, more than anything else . . . we need heroes.

Historical heroes like George Washington in the United States or Nelson Mandela for South Africa are in the pantheon of heroes because they personally sacrificed so much so that we could be the beneficiaries.

When you compare the sacrifices of George Washington or Nelson Mandela to what is being asked of leaders today in nonprofit fundraising, it seems on the surface that there is no comparison. . . yet that is not true. There is courage and sacrifice inherent in stepping forward and finally saying, “we need to seek a new way, we need to leap.” That does take courage and, on any level, courage is courage.

As Seth Godin stated in one of his recent blogs . . .

“Rapid change exposes the work of outsiders, neophytes and most of all, those attracted by the chance to grow. Rapid change sweeps aside the status quo and those that defend it (the stuck former geniuses and the stuck bureaucrats). It replaces them with those willing to leap.”

Will you leap?

Will you be the hero we look back 20 years from now?

We need heroes more than ever today!

Join us.
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