Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BIG’s Blog: What Lizanne Pando … and a lot of other Development Professionals are thinking about

Lizanne Pando sent me an interesting note on an article she had read.

Lizanne “gets it” that most fundraising, as it is practiced today, is focused on transactions. She asks, where did relationships go? Relationships? Well, most of the Development world talks a good game on relationships, but what we’re more concerned about is the money.
What has happened to “relationship” in fundraising? I mean, the whole point of calling the fundraising department “Development” is to keep us focused on developing relationships isn’t it?
Would you say “we’re developing money?” or, change the title of the Development Director to Money-Getter Director? No, of course not.
So how do we start thinking more relationally? Lizanne’s note gives some comparisons.
Transactional Relational
Professional Friendly
Self-interest Mutual-interest
Stay in touch Keep informed
Understand the process Understand the person in the process
Judge the results Evaluate the relationship
Win conflict Resolve conflict
Agreement Acceptance
As Lizanne’s note says, sometimes a transaction is sufficient, but transaction is never a good long-term strategy.
Beginning with the Baby Boomer generation, most people want a relationship with the charities they support. How are you planning to do that? What is your strategy for building relationships?
Join us.
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