Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Being the decider

Over the last year I have been reading a lot of books and commentary on decision-making.
As leaders, it seems like all we do is get called upon to make decisions. If we are honest, most of those decisions aren’t really even tough calls. In fact, they are really more about choices than decisions. If it’s a choice, then either option is probably okay, though one choice may be slightly better. If it's a decision, however, that is a very different category. Decisions must weigh multiple factors, and really big decisions can be very complex.
Thank goodness most of what we have to deal with are choices rather than decisions, because having to make tough decisions every day would wear us, and the organization, down.
Of course, making decisions that can change everything is what leadership is ultimately about.
And also, if we are honest, sometimes we just keep making choices instead of dealing with the really tough decision that is squarely before us.
Join us.
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