Friday, May 10, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Quit thinking about a faster laptop!

The iPad…the first tablet…wasn’t a new type of computer, it was a whole new category. Some even called it a game changer. It was the beginning of a whole new way of computing and connecting via a mobile device.

The Center for Media Research just reported The Sage SMB Survey on Mobile Devices. According to the survey, the most common devices that were used remotely by employees to access work-related information were: laptops (80%), smartphones (81%), and tablets (59%). But remember, the iPad is barely three years old. Smartphones are topping laptops? Seriously?
The following chart gives an indication of what’s increasing in usage and what’s decreasing between laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
Both laptops and desktops are showing decreasing usage by low double-digits, but look at the increased usage of tablets and smartphones: high double-digit increase in usage percentages (over 70% and 80% growth respectively).
Do you think something is going on out there?
Working people accessing their work related information over their smartphones and tablets. Hmmm???
Then the question is, what are they accessing their personal information on? That’s right… the same devices. Work-related activity on the same devices as personal stuff. As goes work…so goes personal.
So what can fundraisers learn from this?
Simply this, the behaviors are changing “quickly” in how people access information. Your messages are information. If you are not moving heaven and earth… right now… to be accessible on tablets and smartphones (where you can grow), you will only shrink. Potential supporters won’t wait around for you to figure it out; they will connect with the charities that connect to them and talk to them…where they’re at.
Join us.
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