Monday, January 28, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Keeping A Theme Going

I can write about, speak about, and talk one-on-one with charitable fundraising leadership all day long, but in the end they have to own the problem and act.

For over thirty years I have run or partnered with other entrepreneurs to build innovative and successful organizations. Then, eight years ago, I switched into a “consulting” mode to share my experience and make an impact in the nonprofit fundraising sector.

After testing the concept, as of the first of the year, Browne Innovation Group has moved from the traditional model of consulting in-person and on-site (which is probably too expensive for most nonprofit organizations) to a low-cost model of e-learning and virtual coaching which has been incredibly well-received.


There are two major reasons. First, literally the entire charitable fundraising sector’s current model is failing; especially those who are heavily dependent on direct mail. Trust me, it isn’t just your organization that is struggling. Second, outside of our methodology, which actually gives you a plan to transform your fundraising organization, all the rest of the industry is just offering their products or services – great products and services they are too - but still, mere tactics. Where do you go to get a comprehensive and unified plan and strategy to pull it all together?

The reactions…

Either you are excited that someone is actually saying what you know in your gut is right and has a plan to fix it, or this kind of straight talk sounds at best, scary, and at worse, off the moon.

We have clients who felt both ways when they first heard our message.

Come on…it is not you or your organization. The fundraising field has shifted. There was a time that what you are doing (your methodology) was successful.

Success stops when you do.


P.S. If you’re interested, or you know someone that might be interested, we will be holding a Webinar that introduces our new e-Learning program, Acquiring the Next Generation of Supporters. There is no cost for the Webinar but seats are limited, so if you’re interested in learning more, email me your name and I will personally see you get on the list.

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