Friday, January 4, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Big Changes Are Coming…Media Changes

Fifteen years ago (1997), television, newspapers, and direct mail were King. We had just started to use email and many organizations were putting up Web sites for the first time. And cell phones? Cell phones just made phone calls.

Today we have one billion smartphones worldwide connected to the Internet. Computer-based software is quickly giving way to Cloud-based software applications (apps) that can be accessed by all manner of Internet-connected devices. Old media has had to morph into online versions with connectability or shut down. Direct mail and the postal service, which is direct mail’s distributor, are on life support. Meanwhile, every month brings a new online social platform, technology, or online media of some sort.

In fact, a better word for what we used to call media is “medium.” The word medium conveys a sense of connection or transfer. This is what media is morphing into . . . a giant medium of new platforms and technologies built on the underlying platform of the Internet.  


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