Friday, January 11, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Big Changes Are Coming…Changes in Attitudes Towards Charitable Institutions

Philanthropic attitudes have changed as the generations have shifted. The Depression and WWII generations gave unquestioningly to charities that they knew because they trusted institutions. Beginning with the Baby Boomer generation, however, institutional trust is gone (and this applies to Gen X and the Millennial generations as well).  Secondly, the younger generations, beginning with the Boomers, do not look at their donations as gifts but rather investments in your mission and organization. They partner with you and invest with you.

This is a very different philanthropic attitude…fundamentally different…from the older Depression and WWII generations. If you don’t get this and heed it…your fundraising efforts to the Boomer and younger generations are doomed to fail. Don’t doubt me on this.

Here is the good news. The Depression and WWII generations represent only 12% of the population today and their numbers are decreasing rapidly. The Boomers, just by themselves, represent over 25% of the population and are quickly moving into prime giving years.


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