Sunday, November 11, 2012

BIG’s Blog: Shifting Demographics Matter

As the recent presidential election showed, when Obama carried 80% of the minority vote, the Republicans just could not overcome the numbers in a tight race. Former president George Bush understood and courted the Hispanic vote, the current crop of Republican contenders and the party’s standard bearer…not so much. Self-deportation…please!

Three days before the election I read that the race would come down to the Hispanic vote turnout. Guess what? It did, and it did not go well for Romney.

The presidential race is bringing to the forefront the shifting demographics of the United States, especially with regards to the Hispanic population. In 1960, Hispanics made up 3.5% of the population. Today it is north of 17% and by 2050, Hispanics are projected to account for almost one of every three Americans.

Just like politicians, fundraisers need to understand and be ahead of the curve of demographic change. For some fundraising groups like Catholic fundraisers, the rise of Hispanic numbers isn’t about catering to another minority segment, but potentially developing ongoing relationships with the dominant group.

How can Catholic groups make inroads? Well, Pew Research reports that of definable groups, Hispanics have the highest ownership percentage of smartphones.

Shifting demographics means shifting fundraising tactics.


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