Thursday, November 15, 2012

BIG’s Blog: Donors Are Consumers Before They Are Donors

People in the western world – and the United States in particular – have shifted as consumers. They don’t make buying decisions they way they used to. And that applies to giving decisions as well.

Paid spokespeople don’t carry the weight that they used to carry in days gone by. Why? Because people have access to tons of online information and comparisons as well as other buyers’ reviews of products or services. In fact, more and more research is indicating that because of all this huge availability of accessible information, people are getting confused. And the result of the confusion is that more and more people are looking to trusted friends and acquaintances for recommendations.

So what are the most important words in the last paragraph? Right, it’s trusted friends.

Do you really think you can practice paper-and-ink fundraising in the same way it has been practiced for 60+ years and it will still work as well as it did ten years ago? Isn’t your paper-and-ink fundraising akin to the yellow pages when virtually every donor you desire to reach (not that you already have) is carrying around a smartphone?

Consumers have shifted, and donors are consumers before they are donors...which means the donors have shifted.   


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