Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BIG’s Blog: Facebook Is Way More Than Just Marketing

From the May 17, 2012 USA Today:

When Red Robin Gourmet Restaurant introduced its Tavern Double burger line last month, the company had to get everything right. So it turned to social media… Instead of mailing out spiral-bound books, getting feedback during executives’ sporadic store visits and taking six months to act on advice from the trenches, the network’s free-wheeling discussions and video produced results in days.

The changes that are happening based upon the adoption of social networks go way beyond just marketing. Beyond advertising on Facebook or Twitter, companies (and soon nonprofits) are using social networks to build teams that solve problems faster andshare information better among their employees.

“At a very basic level, Facebook is the most popular application ever, with a billion people that know how to use it,” said Marc Benioff, chief executive of… the ability to access information is much better because it’s easier to get to it.”

“Social platforms have the potential to be as important to the broader economy as other information technologies,” said Stacy Bishop, a technology investor.

Whether it’s making connections, listening to your constituents and donors, or internal communications with your employees, social platforms can help your fundraising organization do more than just raise more donations.


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