Thursday, April 26, 2012

BIG’s Blog: Pay Attention to What Agencies Pay Attention To

Mark Trefgarne is the CEO of LiveRail, a real-time video and technology platform. LiveRail works with everyone across the video and ad landscape, including agencies, networks, and publishers.

Mark says, “. . . agencies need to be key stakeholders in online video, from production to serving to analytics.”

What agencies focus on is what marketers should be paying attention to.


Because agencies need to be ahead of the demand of the organizations (their clients) that purchase their services – or they are out of business.

Here is how big video is. Roughly 179 million viewers watched more than 38 billion videos this past February, according to Media Watch. That is JUST February! Online video is massively popular with consumers, opening the door for huge attention-grabbing communications opportunities for marketers – including fundraisers.  

What this says to fundraisers is that more and more, you need to budget for video as video is how to get your message across – especially to younger demographics.

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