Thursday, March 29, 2012

BIG’s Blog: When Something is Better…Its Better, Period

According to new information from the Center For Media Research, Tablets such as the iPad are attracting magazine readers. And of the number that say they are particularly interested in reading digital magazines, males lead females 77% to 68%. Among male Tablet owners age 18 to 34 who expressed interest in reading magazines on their devices, the number rose to 85%.

But the real nugget from the research that surprised even the researchers was the new reading behavior that was emerging. “19% of Tablet owners (equally divided between male and female) who read a magazine on their device in the last 30 days also took the opportunity to read back issues of a title during their reading session.

So what is the takeaway for fundraisers?

First, it is a myth that all digital readers will avoid reading long-form articles or information. In fact, it is men who tend to engage in online reading of long-form articles more than women, and the number grows for younger males.

Second, by making the content compelling and attractive for Tablet devices, not only can fundraisers engage both sexes so they can learn more about your mission and organization, but if their interest is peaked, they will drill in.

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