Friday, December 2, 2011

BIG’s Blog: Mobile for Fund Raising – Part Three

How do we get information quickly and inexpensively to people with mobile smartphones that want to know about your organization's mission and work?

To listen to Laura Marriott, the CEO of NeoMedia, the answer is the convergence of mobile and mobile barcodes; also called QR-codes.

Ms. Marriott says, “Mobile is changing the way in which consumers (read donors) interact with the world around them. Mobile provides marketers with an enormous opportunity to engage a target audience in a way that has not been possible using other channels before. The consumer/donor is looking for flexibility, convenience and control over their interactions with organizations and mobile provides them with that ability.”

Mobile barcodes are a key means of enabling a rich media experience allowing them to quickly access content and relevant information.

Want to see how this looks? Click here.

While you are still producing copious quantities of direct mail, maybe you should printing QR-codes on the mail.


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