Monday, October 14, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Guerrilla Marketing Lives On

Jay Levinson died earlier this month. You may not recall the name, but you have heard of his book, Guerrilla Marketing.

Jay studied Psychology in college, which lead him into the advertising world working for some of the big agencies in the heyday of advertising (as depicted in the television series, Mad Men). Though no one would accuse Jay of being anything like the Mad Men characters, he was the cerebral thinker . . . the creative mind.

Working for the big agencies like Leo Burnett and J. Walter Thompson, he created (or co-created) memorable campaigns such as the Marlboro Man, the Pillsbury Doughboy, Allstate’s good hands, and United’s friendly skies.

His real fame, however, came later in life when in his 50s.  He authored Guerrilla Marketing, which described how to employ unconventional ways to promote a business, brand, or an organization on a limited budget. The book was a runaway bestseller with over 21 million in print and translated into 62 languages.

Two things really stand out about Jay Levinson’s life.

First, even with 50 or 60 years behind you, you can be innovative and an agent for change.

Second, we desperately need Jay Levinson-type people in the nonprofit fundraising world today.

Join us.


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