Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BIG’s Blog: The Brightness of the Invention of the Light Bulb

The invention of the incandescent light bulb has much to teach us about today’s world of fundraising.

It is said that Thomas Edison went through 1,000 failures in design and components before finally coming up with a light bulb that would stay alight for many hours.

1,000 failures! That’s a lot. Who would have the time or the patience today?

Yet once Edison had solved the riddle of the basic design and components, the light bulb could be easily reproduced by the millions and even improved upon.

Nobody is asking Development/Advancement professionals to do the heavy lifting of re-inventing fundraising. To most, that is waaaay out of their level of competence and comfort zone. All their leadership and boards are doing is asking if they have considered a Plan B when direct mail appeals become economically unviable.

Actually, Browne Innovation Group is one of a small group of companies that does offer a viable fundraising business model that is built 100% online.

And, naturally, the brightest fundraisers move first.

Join us.
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