Monday, September 30, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Don’t Forget the Basics

We all know this. I know it . . . you know it, but most of the time we are heads-down in the trenches and moving too fast . . . and we forget.

Some things are worth taking the time to remind us. Mine came in the form of The Management Tip of the Day put out by the Harvard Business Review.

This seems so basic that it is almost embarrassing to admit how hard the words below hit me. Under the heading of “Make Good Decisions Faster,” were three points.

1. Know your ultimate objective.

Notice it didn’t say objective(s). . . plural. What is the singular objective we need most to attain? We all have multiple objectives in our organizations at any one time, but if we try to accomplish them all, without prioritizing, we will probably never accomplish any of them in any sort of efficient timeframe. What is the most important goal?

2. Get a second opinion.
Of course, you are paid the big bucks because you are such a smart, well trained, and seasoned leader. But even Albert Einstein needed a sounding board for his ideas. Another “head” that you respect the opinion of can be invaluable in helping you eliminate judgment errors.

3. Do something.

Deliberation can help you flesh out all your options, but at some point you must choose one option, even if that means letting go of five other “good” ones. I know it goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway. There is no decision until you decide. If you’re the decider, then you have to decide. And in most cases, the quicker you make the decision, the better it is for everyone involved . . . including you.

Why is this so timely for fundraisers? Because our world today doesn’t just seem like it is moving faster; it really is. And learning to make decisions faster is a way to keep your organizations moving forward.

Join us.
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