Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BIG’s Blog: We Have Moved … Online

You read about it in the press, but you wonder . . . are companies and charitable organizations really moving online . . . and what does that mean?

Well, here is one firm’s perspective.

For over nine years, we have been working as a consulting firm with nonprofit charitable fundraising organizations, especially those that are overly dependent on direct mail appeals. Our fundraising clients understand that unless they start reaching the Baby Boomer and younger generations with a fundraising message and an online methodology that targets and resonates with these younger online generations, they face a steep decline in revenue in coming years. Time is not on their side.

For all these years we have been consulting in the traditional in-person and on-site service delivery model that people expect from consultants. And all the while we are talking to these fundraising organizations about the need for them (not us) to move online.

Well, this past January we opened a new chapter for Browne Innovation Group. We transformed our practice into an e-learning and online coaching delivery model that trains fundraising leadership and professionals in not only how to move their Development organization fully online and make it work, but why it is so critical for their future.  

If we are going to “talk the talk” we had better “walk the walk.” Right?

So, yes, we put our organization “on the line” that ONLINE IS THE FUTURE.

The reaction?

If the current group of Development professionals and organization leadership that is now engaged in our online e-learning program is any indication… we made the right decision. Forgetting for a moment that fundraising professionals can now access our program information for a fraction of the price of the old, traditional in-person, on-site consulting model… the feedback we have just received from this first group of Development leadership and professionals has exceeded our expectations.

It isn’t just that our organization’s program is now online. . . it is that our clients are engaged in the online program! Did you get that? They are engaged online. And living the experience as individuals and as a Development team, they can relate to what is missing in how their organizations communicate, develop relationships, and ultimately develop financial support within the context of a virtual online space.

Hey, I’m 60 years old, but I’ve got my iPad, my iPhone and my computer. Do you somehow think that your “potential” Boomer supporters don’t act like me, think like me and can’t be engaged online? Or, should I say, “think like us and can’t be engaged online like us… you and me?”

I would love to have your organization join our next program, which begins in July. The best way is to learn about our program is through one of our free Webinars and I want to give my blog readers priority. If you are interested, drop me an email and I will see you receive priority status to attend.

Join us.


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