Friday, March 22, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Trend No. 10: Trust Will Be Everything

Max Kalehoff is one of those people who is followed by many in the marketing/tech world. He is currently VP of Product Marketing at Syncapse… one of those fairly unheard-of tech companies that is really changing things.

Max recently published a paper for the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School’s Future of Advertising 2020 Program. His paper entitled 11 Big Trends That Will Reshape Advertising In 2020 And Beyond has garnered a lot of attention.Over the next few blog posts, I will attempt to take each one of his eleven points and give it my interpretation from the nonprofit Development perspective. Let’s take a peek into the future together.

10. Trust Will Be Everything. Advertising is — and always was — about trust. It is likely the behaviors of marketers and advertisers that has driven low admiration of those professions. Regardless, the stakes are rising. Social media and our real-time connections have prompted a new age of transparency and consciousness around values, motivations, behaviors and outcomes of institutions. Doing good marketing and advertising means embracing responsibility and accountability throughout your organization’s entire value chain, and respecting their communities.

For Development organizations operating in 2013, Mr. Kalehoff’s point #10 should be printed out, cut out, blown up, framed, and hung in every office and on every wall in your Development department.

Remember, he thinks he is primarily addressing the commercial sector, not those doing fundraising in the not-for-profit sector. Selling Oreos, Chevrolets, or Clorox and talking about trust is a completely different planet than the level of meaning of trust when associated with your organization and ministry or mission.

My mother is 83 years old. She comes from the generations that trust institutions; “Here is my gift, I know you will do the right thing with it… I trust you.”

My wife is 56 years old. She comes from the Baby Boomer generation that remembers Vietnam, Watergate, pedophile scandals, and (specific to the world of fundraising) Jim and Tammy Baker. A gift is defined as no strings attached. My wife and her generation don’t trust institutions. They do not give gifts to charitable organizations. Boomers invest in people, causes, ministries and missions. Transparency is expected and TRUST is the coin of the realm.

Is your current fundraising model built on trust? If not, or you are not certain, please drop me an email and I will make sure you receive an invitation to our next Webinar where you will learn how to transform your Development group built on TRUST.


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