Tuesday, September 4, 2012

BIG’s Blog: Mobile is NOT a Strategy

They will remain anonymous, but several well-known writers and bloggers in the fundraising world have lately been putting out silly statements about the rise of mobile. Such as, “Why it’s time to have a mobile strategy” or “Mobile deserves its own strategy.” What??

Of course mobile is rising. As smartphones and tablet devices grow more powerful in their capabilities driven by free or inexpensive applications (apps), their numbers grow and they become the number one way to connect to the individual for friends and family, businesses, and fundraisers.

But the only people who need to develop a strategy for mobile are the phone companies or the mobile device manufacturers. For fundraisers, or businesses for that matter, mobile becomes a “tactical” channel to customers, constituents, and donors. Mobile is a part… albeit a growing part… of a larger fundraising strategy.

You don’t develop a STRATEGY around a tactic. You develop strategies around goals and objectives.

A better way to say it is “What is your plan for mobile?”


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