Monday, January 20, 2014

BIG’s Blog: In Plain English

In all things oriented to fundraising, I tend to communicate primarily in words … plain English … to paint the picture. And when the subjects are adverse trends in fundraising that my readers need to know and understand, fortunately … or unfortunately, I can wax a bit verbose.

Yet, let’s face it, some people more quickly comprehend the seriousness of an issue by looking at mathematical formulas. Maybe you are one of them. To that end, my friend Bill Jacobs, who writes a blog for AnalyticalOnes, recently posted a blog entitled “Unsustainable Trends.” If your thing is mathematical parlance or if you more easily understand a situation by studying equations …  

Click Here: Unsustainable Trends

Of course Bill wants everyone to understand his point, including me, so he also summarizes his point in plain English.

Thanks Bill.

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