Friday, February 22, 2013

BIG’s Blog: Mailbag: Postal Service and Les Moonves

In defense of the Postal Service and Les Moonves
You raise some valid points about the Postal Service and the way direct mail is going in our industry, but wait. . .  the cutting edge people running the Post Office are busy solving the problem of HUGE deficits.  Now you can get US Postal Service brand clothing!  After all nothing tells your boss that you are all about efficiency, hard work and customer service than putting on US Postal Service branded clothing just remember the last big branding campaign they did involved Lance Armstrong as the captain of the US Postal Racing team!
In defense of Les Moonves and his decision to delay the Grammys by 3 hours for the West coast.  As any fan of Masterpiece Theater’s Downton Abbey can tell you, the British already know what is going to happen as it all aired in England before Christmas while we are just getting the season cliffhanger 7 weeks later!  The poor Australians have to wait even longer. Talk about 20th century thinking, what is gained by delaying the showing worldwide?  After all, we are talking about transmitting a product by satellite. 
Keep up the good work.
Dave Targonski, CFRE
Belmont Abbey College

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